Arlo is an author and freelance television cameraman. Whilst he still takes on the occasional camera assignment to help pay the bills, he is much more fulfilled when sitting in front of his laptop, in a secluded location, bringing characters to life. When he's working away, any downtime in hotels is spent writing, if at all possible. He is a fan of writers such as AG Riddle (The Origin Mystery series), Michael Connelly (The Drop), Mark Dawson (John Milton series), and Lee Child (Reacher series).

He grew up in Northern Ireland during the height of 'the troubles'. He spent time in a number of jobs, before finding his way into the film and television industry.

In later life, Arlo moved around the UK, eventually settling in England. He went on to work in television, having a love for storytelling and adventure. He became a camera operator, learning the art of visual storytelling and editing. But he wanted more, to create scenes and characters, to develop worlds and implant ideas into people's minds. So he turned his hand to writing. He gained a degree in creative writing from the Open University and he is still learning, with each passage he writes. Arlo is always keen to communicate with readers and fellow authors, so please get in touch.

I often run promotions and give away a limited number of copies of my books. If you want to take advantage of these promo's let meknow where to send them below.